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When he was a boy, Patrick watched his father create fascinating pictures by putting black dots on paper. He became passionate about his dad's work and eventually—after a great deal of practice—he was creating beautiful art on his own. He eventually learned that what his father had taught him was called stippling, which uses small dots to simulate varying degrees of solidity or shading.

Stippling has historicaly been used to create handmade images of plants and animals, because it allows the artist to subtley vary the density of shading to depict curved or irregular surfaces. Patrick and his father, the artist Robert Farley, took this technique to a new place: in abstract art and in pleasing designs. One day, Patrick showed a piece to his dad and expressed his frustration that it just wasn't working. His father said, "Try using color. I could never get that to work. Maybe you can." The artwork on this website attests to Robert Farley's foresight and to Patrick Farley's creativity.

Over the years, Patrick and his father have been asked if the artwork they create is computer generated in any way. Even in the 1970s people asked this! The answer was No and continues to be No. It is a time-consuming craft that requires a wellspring of patience and focus. Is it worth it? Patrick invites you to be the judge.

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